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Japan Weekend: Valencia 2018

Valencia, Spain 

Ennichisai 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia

Anime Matsuri 2018

Houston, Texas

SacAnime Winter 2018

Sacramento, California

Anime Matsuri 2019

Houston, TX

Misaki (みさき) is a Japanese singer, DJ, choreographer, and producer. She was born in 1995 and was just  3 years old when she started taking dance lessons at a talent school in Osaka. There, she met Mii and Hono, who would later form 3 parts of Dancing Dolls. They were recognized as a serious dance/vocal unit in the highly competitive Japanese IDOL scene and their performances were viewed more than 10 million times on social video sites even before they made their major debut under Sony Music in 2012. Misaki is the group leader and choreographed every song they have performed as Dancing Dolls. 

As a solo artist, Misaki raps and makes beats as well as producing IDOL group Kazehikaru Fukurou, who made their major debut under Nippon Crown on November 22nd, 2017. This young and talented DJ knows what makes people move and has been listening to 90's hip hop classics such as Gang Star, KRS-One, NAS, Notorious BIG and DJ Premier. She has also been standing neck deep in today’s EDM and Trap, but she can also twist them with some Japanese flavor. Misaki runs dance workshops to teach steps of various levels to dance lovers covering the latest K-POP hits  to J-POP IDOL songs.

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