galaxy 7

Rock | Alternative


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Lead Vocals & Guitar

Okamoto YU

Keyboards & Support Vocals

Takahashi TATSUYA





With a worldview of music like no other, Daisuke Tsutsui has worked with major record labels as a songwriter, composer, vocalist and more. Composing since 1995, after years of band experience, Tsutsui launched his own solo project "Galaxy7" in 2008, joining DJ TSUYOSHI’s electro-music label "MADSKIPPERS" the following year.

As Galaxy7’s mastermind, Tsutsui handles all the songwriting, composing, arrangement, programming, singing, and by himself. With a clear vision, he writes music with a consistent concept, catchy melodies, and edgy tracks. Chosen as the New Artist of 2006 by Madrid’s "Radio Circulo(100.4 FM)" radio station, Tsutsui's unique style of deejaying and singing skillfully integrates dance music with live performance, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that encourages audiences to sing, dance freely. His stage is visually entertaining, featuring unique collaborations with martial artists and Kabuki actors. Performing as a guest artist in London's infamous "Battle of The Bands" contest, and in New York's famed "Knitting Factory", his innovative approach to music continues to draw attention overseas. Intent on pushing the limits and breaking boundaries, he continues to pursue the possibilities for dance music within a live band.

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