SPMG is a cutting-edge artistic development company. We provide our handpicked musicians with holistic and forward-thinking management services. We work with Japanese artists in the US market. 


JOM the ONe

We are pleased to be welcoming JOM the ONE to the SPMG Family!


We are pleased to be welcoming DJ Misaki P to the SPMG Family!







Turn Table

Justin Kaehler


"It's always a pleasure working with Na'omi. She has supported my international touring band on more than one occasion -- and each time we work with her, we are thousands of miles away from home. She has always made sure that all of our logistics, lodging, merchandise and sales needs are taken care of. Personable and positive, we always look forward to working with Na'omi."

Jesse Morrow

Real Estate Agent

In 2007, I was Director of Guests for Anime USA. It was my 1st year  & I was dumped into the position 6 months prior to the  event. I stepped up & tried to find all the guests I could in such a short period. I began negotiating with AVEX  to bring a big anime related band over, Back-on. After signing the contract, I honestly was fumbling on how to promote them & bring more attendees...this is when Na’omi popped up on my radar. She reached out to me with some concerns about my lack of promotions for a band of this magnitude. She had been on their American promotions. She was also good friends with the band. She helped guide me on some amazing ideas, gave us some promotional material she designed herself for us to use, & we packed the house that year; it was our biggest concert to date. Na’omi even attended the event to help care for our guests. I took what I learned from her & continued to use that knowledge for many years as head of guests as she continued to help me in that position. She  always introduced me to new artists, get me in contact when needed, helped me promote guests, negotiate if needed, & even attended a few more times to help me out. Na’omi isn’t just a great person who can promote, manage, design, and negotiate with music labels across the ocean..she has become a great friend to me even with me leaving AUSA in 2014.

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